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Works on paper

Paths, 20x16, 2019

Imagining, 20x16, 2019

Fiery Dust Devil, 20x16, 2019

Autumn Leaves.jpg

Autumn Leaves, 20x16, 2018

untitled on paper.jpg

Untitled, 20x16, 2019

Fire and Dust, 20x16, 2019

Open Window, 16x20, 2019


Sparks, 16x20, 2019

Rising Waters.jpg

Rising Waters, 16x20, 2019

Zen Garden 12x18.jpg

Zen Garden, 12x18, 2018

valley 12x16.jpg

Valley, 12x18, 2018

Protea, 12x18, 2018

Evening Snow, 12x18, 2018

valley 12x16.jpg
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